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Made in USA

CADWELL - IOMAX Cascade IOMAX is a robust IONM system designed to withstand the environmental hazards of the operating room

Sleep LAP

CADWELL - Sleep LAP Record crystal clear signals, protect your equipment, ensure recording integrity and provide patient convenience during in-lab sleep studies with the Easy III PSG amplifier and remote input box.

EEG Machine

CADWELL - EEG Machine When you need quality performance in clinical practice or cerebral monitoring in intensive care, epilepsy monitoring, or outpatient clinics, Arc Essentia EEG is flexible and durable enough for the task.


CADWELL - EMG Cadwell uses the highest quality components to deliver durable and reliable neurodiagnostics. The Summit Base Unit keeps things simple with programmable, protocol-specific function keys and control dials that are built to last.

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