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Atlanta med - Diomede Diomede is critical care ventilator that acts electro-pneumatically. This device has a variety of advanced models that can be used as invasive and non-invasive ventilator

Canafusion - CA-2000 Volumetric Infusion Pump. Great multi-therapy infusion platform ideal for emergency treatment and ambulatory care

Infinium - OMNI II K PATIENT Monitor Omni II medical monitors have been a mainstay in the healthcare industry for years, and have been the trusted choice for medics who want portable monitoring equipment that offers the most precise results

Innomed - Cardio-Aid® 360-B Suitable to supply emergency and therapeutical cases in the patient care. With its built in AED function, even the nurses can save lives.

Canafusion - CA-3000 Syringe Pump It is an infusion device that helps clinicians to administer safe & effective infusion therapy to patients and achieve optimal clinical outcomes

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