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Operating Room


Who is Royal Medical?

Royal Medical is a leading medical equipment distributor in Egypt. founded in 2015 by engineers who are experts in medical field. Sales and marketing of medical and health care's products is our business.

We have 5 departments (ICU, Neurology ,Sterilization, Radiology, and Laboratory)


We have an expansion plans ; like free zone branch .

Our Ambition is to achieve 75% market share.

Our Vision

Our vision to make healthcare services in Egypt better and easier.

Waiting for the Subway

Our Mission

To introduce unique facilities to the international companies and traders including customs handling, releasing goods, warehouses (free zone and inland), issuing invoices ,collection ,delivery and all after sales services.


As well as to improve healthcare quality in Egypt by offering the high quality equipment to the Egyptian market with a reasonable prices.

Our Policy

Our faith is " NO PROBLEM WITHOUT A SOLUTION " , so we introduce the best topology to save time and money to increase business volume.

To insure this; we have our experienced team who knows the right way to finalize business task.


We carefully choose our new staff with highly qualification and experience.

Measuring Gold Ring


We insist to introduce the best services with the minimal cost to increase our market share.


To insure this we had started with highly qualified 35 employees in  different fields.



We have our offices in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta, and Assiut.


We have our dedicated logistic department, they are responsible for all import, legalization, approval and delivery to the end user.


We have 3 big warehouses , 1 in Cairo, and 2 in Giza. 


We have our network system to handle all business operation automatically.

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